Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Kentucky Derby Fascinator Class

Last Saturday, 1pm at The French Room in Atwater Village, Los Angeles...

Yes, it was magic.  We had three lovely and super creative students, and one of our favorite LA milliners - Lee Duncan - also came by to inspire us!  Austin Gray conducted the class, while Jessica Miller and I assisted.  (Jessica also took all these beautiful photos, and I made the Mint Juleps...)

A small demo of the possibilities...
Fascinating fascinators waiting to be embellished!
What's millinery without a lady-like Mint Julep?
Austin teaching the essentials of creating your own fascinator.
Kelly was the first to finish her fabulous fascinator!
Our teacher Austin also joined in making her own fascinator.
Student Tina created something spectacular for her niece.
And Amy made a winged creation to wear to a ball!
 What an incredible afternoon for The French Room.  We can't thank our students enough for joining us in creating amazing fascinators and truly inspiring us!

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  1. I really enjoyed myself, and hopefully I will complete my hat and post it.

  2. Thank you again so much for coming! I can't wait to see your hat.